About Emerging Systems E-Health Solutions

Emerging Systems E-Health Solutions provide a range of solutions for Healthcare Organisations. We have worked with a range of clients from Public and Private hospitals, Laboratories, Medicare and Medical Centres to provide tailored IT solutions.

Emerging Systems also provides a range of network & security services and software & web services to healthcare organisations giving clients access to one specialist provider for all of their IT needs. We understand the nuances of healthcare and many of our team come from clinical and healthcare backgrounds.

Our main product, Emerging Health Solutions or EHS has been deployed as a multi-function clinical information system to support clinical service delivery at St Vincent’s Private Hospital since October 1992. A team of clinicians designed the application and the built-in toolset.

EHS was developed into a web based application in 2002 and has been operational at St Vincent's Private, St Vincent's Public Hospital, and the Mater Hospital in Sydney while also being gradually being rolled out enterprise wide throughout Government of South Australia - SA Health Hospitals.

EHS has matured and grown in scope and functionality. Clinicians have been, and continue to be, the primary contributors in the development of the application.

The system is future-proofed through the significant research and development which is undertaken to ensure that EHS remains a leading edge clinical solution.

To view the South Australia Health Experience:

Please note that EHS is known as “careconnect.sa Clinical Practice Support” at SA Health.

To view the St Vincent's & Mater Health Experience:

Please note that EHS is known as “deLacy” at St Vincent’s & Mater Hospital, Sydney

Services Overview

  • E-Health
  • Electronic Medical Record EMR
  • Clinical Application Software
  • Networking and Security
  • Cloud Computing
  • Software Development
  • Web Development

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