Patient Benefits

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Improved Patient Outcomes through:

  • Consistent care guidelines
  • Identification and Management of Risk according to set protocols with electronic prompts to keep the user aligned with the protocols.
  • Efficient communication between clinicians leading to shorter hospital stays.
  • Legible documentation of each episode of Care
  • Improved safety through patient Alerts and Allergies which are highlighted in the system for all users to be made aware.
  • The review and management of variances in care creating a continuous quality improvement cycle
  • Future potential of PCEHR spanning Primary through to Tertiary Care
  • Systemic risk assessment and management
  • Clinical staff spending less time on paperwork and more time at the bedside

Clinician Benefits

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  • Single user sign on with access from any location
  • Real time access to a complete patient medical record from anywhere securely
  • Improved communication between all members of the clinical team
  • Access at the bedside to orders & results for a particular patient streamlining workflow
  • Alignment of care with best practice
  • Access to decision support tools
  • Visual Displays of Patient Results to note trends over time
  • Improved job satisfaction through efficient workflows and access to information
  • Improved patient outcomes

IT Benefits

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  • Reduced user training times
  • High level of Clinician independence
  • MS Sequel platform which is easy and familiar to manage
  • Works for single and multiple entity organisations
  • Active Directory user management which is easy to implement & manage
  • Full range of two way standards based interfaces with low ongoing maintenance
  • Web based system is easy to deploy either locally or remotely
  • Rapid application development to enhance functionality as required
  • Built in Audit trails
  • Authorised users are enabled to monitor & manage application response times.
  • 24-hour helpdesk support

Organisational Benefits

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  • Significant increase in productivity of Clinical & Administrative staff
  • Financial benefits from productivity gains
  • Elimination of duplicated tests and procedures
  • Staff adhering to organisational protocols through system prompts for necessary tasks and activities to be performed
  • Tracking of variances leading to ongoing quality improvements.
  • Access to a vast amount of clinical activity information for reports and research
  • Legible, Accurate and Timely documentation and recording for legal purposes - date and time stamped
  • Reduction in staff turnover

Services Overview

  • E-Health
  • Electronic Medical Record EMR
  • Clinical Application Software
  • Networking and Security
  • Cloud Computing
  • Software Development
  • Web Development

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