EHS works with a range of devices according to your particular needs and preferences

Emerging Systems are providing the Healthcare workforce with secure and timely access to our EHS clinical information system using a range of devices to meet the needs of an increasingly mobile world.

Doctors working between clinics, private consulting rooms and throughout hospitals need access to patient information to make informed decisions whether it be viewing clinical results, clinical indicators, progress notes or allergies & alerts, they rely on secure, reliable access to information using a range of devices, according to personal preference and performance.

Nurses are constantly on the move throughout the ward, hospital as well as in the community providing care in a range of environments . Enabling access to information using a range of devices realises efficiencies in work practices that benefit both the workforce and patients.

Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Social Workers and other Allied Health professionals require access to patient information from within hospitals and also in the community. The ability to review patient demographic information, care required and referrals so they can locate referred patient's throughout the hospital, to view referrals, patient demographic information, x-ray results and patient progress notes.

Our latest iPad/ iPhone app provides more than just viewing…

  • Instantly view a “snapshot” of the patients clinical details enabling a quick care review
  • Create Clinical Orders including Pathology, Medical Imaging, ECG & more
  • Input Patient Observation Data & View Graphical Trending
  • View Patient Lists
  • Create and View Progress Notes & Clinical Messages using text or voice recognition
  • View Medications
  • Complete and record interventions at the bedside through Care Guides
  • View Patients Allergies & Alerts
  • View identified patient Clinical Risk profiles

Emerging Systems are at the forefront of providing clinical information where and when clinicians require. Improving clinical communication pathways for optimal patient outcomes is at the heart of everything we do.

Our recently developed EHS iPad/iPhone application provides the mobility that is being sought with an intuitive, easy to read user interface which interacts with our EHS clinical information system.

So no matter what kind of device you prefer to work on – desktop, laptop, phone or tablet – Emerging Systems can provide you with access to the EHS clinical information system so that you can get on with your job.


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  • E-Health
  • Electronic Medical Record EMR
  • Clinical Application Software
  • Networking and Security
  • Cloud Computing
  • Software Development
  • Web Development

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