Platform and Architecture



EHS is an internet browser-based application, allowing:

  • fixed or mobile workstations
  • connection either locally or remotely
  • wired and wireless infrastructure.

EHS also runs on an iPad application.


EHS runs on:

  • Standard database engines (MS SQL or Sybase)
  • Standard network servers (Windows or Linux)

EHS can manage up to 100 concurrent users per application server and is a simple and highly secure delivery platform


Emerging Health Solutions (EHS) Application is built around:

  • Two databases:
    1. An information repository which stores and captures information
    2. An application database that stores metadata which define application components such as screens
  • Business Objects that hold business logic & application logic
  • A standards based interface engine that uses HL7 and XML
  • A rapid application development toolset specifically designed to accelerate the addition of functionality and application modifications to match the pace of change in healthcare service delivery processes

Services Overview

  • E-Health
  • Electronic Medical Record EMR
  • Clinical Application Software
  • Networking and Security
  • Cloud Computing
  • Software Development
  • Web Development

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