Emerging Systems EHS provides a clinical portal which stores and accesses all data relating to a patient within a specific healthcare environment forming an electronic health record (EHR). The system was developed with a view to improving patient outcomes and safety.

EHS Supports Clinical Communication and Patient Flow

Accessible by all of the multidisciplinary clinical team, EHS provides a real time snapshot of the patient progress from pre-admission through to discharge enabling timely clinical decision making.

All available medical record information for a patient is accessible to the authorised clinician electronically (EMR). Clinicians are able to add to their patient or client notes using their same workflows. Routine tasks such as orders & results, medication management, assessments, care pathways, progress notes through to discharge planning are easily performed and actioned.

Clinical messaging allows the user to securely send clinical and non-clinical messages which remain permanently linked to a patient's medical record. Improved work and patient flow result from clinicians spending less time on administrative tasks like reporting activity and repeatedly filling in forms and trying to contact departments

The online tools are designed to facilitate clinical service delivery processes while improving real time communication between clinicians

Single User Sign On

EHS can be accessed through a single sign on at the point of care whether a hospital, aged care facility or in the community.


The web based design and internet browser permit EHS to be deployed in both single and multi-entity organisations of any size.


EHS can be accessed using a variety of handheld devices according to user preference. Our iPad application offers an intuitive interface and provides users with mobility supporting efficiency in healthcare delivery.

System Integration

Emerging Systems EHS integration system makes it simple for developers to enrich their existing products. Our EHS Integration Engine provides the ability to connect other systems seamlessly enhancing the user experience. Our integration engine provides connection with other systems allowing valuable sharing of data.

System features include browser-based user interfaces, flexible and adjustable workflow, dashboards and rules-based business processes

Patient Flow

EHS provides a coordinated approach to managing patient flow by:-

  • Supporting your hospital’s clinical governance objectives
  • Providing consistent care guidelines enhancing safety and quality
  • Coordinating the care delivered to patients by the entire care team
  • Linking Workforce Resource Management to clinical care requirements
  • Tracking the care delivered to patients
  • Prompting activity/ interventions based on care pathways to ensure the right care is given at the right time reducing LOS.
  • Providing management with real time reporting tools to monitor and manage workload optimally.

PCEHR Interface

EHS has been tested and approved to interface with the national Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record in Australia. As the system has been written to international standards, the system has the potential to interface with similar Personally Controlled Electronic Health Care Records internationally, EHS allows for the transfer of clinical information such as discharge summaries, referrals and event summaries between clinicians, hospitals and national data repositories providing securely accessed patient information for more timely clinical decision making.


Emerging Systems are listening to improve our clinical information system. Our EHS product development pipeline includes enhancements which will benefit all users for the long run.

Patient Modules
  • Pre- Admission
  • Clinical Orders
  • Clinical Results
  • Patient Registration
  • Admission, Discharge & Transfer
  • Contacts
  • Medical History
  • Progress Notes
  • Medications Reconciliation
  • Allergies & Alerts
  • Care Guides
  • Risk Assessments
  • General Assessments
  • Clinical Messaging
  • Quick Ward Rounds
  • Observations
  • Diets
  • Labour & Birth Record
  • Maternity Assessments
  • Maternity Reporting
  • Patient Lists
  • Appointments
  • Mass Casualty Incident
  • Referrals
  • Specialist Letters
  • Discharge Summaries
  • Nursing Referrals
  • Event Summaries
  • GP Connect
  • Mobility
Staff Modules
  • Clinical Handover
  • Staff Rostering
  • Staff Allocation
  • Workforce Resource Calculation
  • Clinical Dashboard (KPI's)
  • Staff Messaging


System Modules
  • Audit
  • Archiving
  • Integration
  • System Administration
  • Customisation
  • Reporting & Printing
  • Report Writer
  • Authentication
  • Document Management
EHS communicates with other systems through:
  • Integration Engine
  • Active Directory
  • Smart Cards
  • External Systems – HL7 2.x; XML etc.
  • HI Service – IHI, HPII, HPIO
  • EHS Mobile Device AccessClinical Document Architecture (CDA) Document Support
    PCEHR Interface
  • Secure Message Delivery (SMD) & End Point Location Services (ELS)

Services Overview

  • E-Health
  • Electronic Medical Record EMR
  • Clinical Application Software
  • Networking and Security
  • Cloud Computing
  • Software Development
  • Web Development

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