Determined hackers and malicious code continue to find their way, through a variety of increasingly sophisticated means, into exposed corporate networks. Increasingly, good IT security practice needs to go beyond anti-virus and firewall systems to address the ongoing challenge of protecting corporate information. Changes in corporate governance and industry legislation make chief executives personally liable for the security of corporate information. This increases the need to comprehensively address security risks. Emerging Systems understands the business and technical challenges involved in managing security risks. Our experience has been honed over years of providing security related services to the highly security sensitive health, finance and legal industries.

Emerging Systems has the expertise and skills to help you:

  • Ensure that your network environment is protected against intrusion and malicious activity
  • Perform network security reviews to assess the safety of your networks
  • Identify network vulnerabilities and help you assess the exposure to risks
  • Address security vulnerabilities in a practical and affordable way
  • Deal with impact of intrusions and attacks.

We're happy to arrange for one of our senior network engineers to discuss any security risks and
challenges you face in managing your network. Call (02) 8853 4700 for further information or email us.

Services Overview

  • Networking and Security
  • Cloud Computing
  • Software Development
  • Web Development
  • E-Health
  • Electronic Medical Record EMR
  • Clinical Application Software

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