Case Study: Cryosite
Internet-based Storage Management & Tracking System

Company profile

Cryosite is an Australian Company, providing specialised services to a wide range of clients including the medical research, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

  • Cryosite launched the first private cord blood service in Australia in 2001.
  • The company has an extensive customer base of over 400 research institutions and biotechnology customers in Australia and New Zealand.
  • They are the leading provider of specialist ultra-low temperature and cryogenic storage within Australasia
  • Cryosite Limited is an Australian publicly listed company registered on the ASX.

Business situation

Due to the increasing demand for the storage and maintenance of samples and the data components surrounding each sample, Cryosite required optimisation of the tracking and management of these components.


To address this requirement Emerging Systems developed an internet-based storage management and tracking system using their proprietary set of software tools. The solution is called Cryobyte. It allows both Cryosite (and clients) to:

  • Monitor the samples and components they have stored with Cryosite
  • Manage their own bar coding
  • Store information about the components (with complete privacy & legislation adherence) in a form that is unique per component type
  • Bill for storage usage
  • Be electronically notified of any shipping transactions

Cryobyte is an example of where Emerging Systems differs in its approach from many other software solution providers. The software was designed from the ground up to mirror what the management at Cryosite wanted to achieve for their clients. In other words, this is software designed precisely to suit the business process. The alternative for Cryosite would have been packaged software (if it was available at all). That would have resulted in force fitting the business process into packaged software. Clearly, a less than optimal result for Cryosite and for Cryosite’s clients. Subsequent modifications and upgrades would have provided further headaches for the Cryosite team.


The system has been now live since the second half of 2000. During this time hundreds of thousands of biological samples have been handled by the Crobyte system. The system provides for the storage of all the HIV samples for one of Sydney's foremost research institutes. Emerging also provided the secure network infrastructure design and implementation. This system has been evaluated and approved as part of NATA and TGA approval processes. Emerging continues to provide 24 x 7 support for this system, including remote monitoring and preventative maintenance.

Emerging Systems has consistently maintained a high level of dedication and commitment to assisting Cryosite achieve its IT objectives – at the technical level in the design and coding of Cryobyte and in our network configuration, and at the strategic level in shaping aspects of our IT business model.
  Gordon Milliken, Chief Executive Officer, Cryosite  

Services Overview

  • Networking and Security
  • Cloud Computing
  • Software Development
  • Web Development
  • E-Health
  • Electronic Medical Record EMR
  • Clinical Application Software

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